Passing a Blood Test for Marijuana

Accidents and sobriety checks will sometimes make it impossible to do a urine test for marijuana, in this cases, blood testing can be used. Blood testing provides better benchmark of accustomed disability than that of other drug screenings because it can recognize the existence of THC in the body; though, they can also detect other metabolites due to sensitivity.

Passing a Blood Test for Marijuana

Blood testing can generally test positive for just a few minutes after taking the drug of choice, depending on how much you have used. Heavy chronic users may remain positive for a couple of days, they have also been observed to show THC compound levels of 1.5 ng/mll for seven days after ceasing use. Nowadays, it’s easy to pass a blood test because there are over-the-counter products sold on the market. But if you prefer to pass the test naturally, a helpful thing to do would be to drink as much fluids as possible a couple of days before the blood testing.  Drink at least 4 quarts of your preferred fluid but on the day of the test; lessen your consumption of fluid to a normal level. Too much dilution of urine samples will be suspicious. Also remember not to give the lab your first urine of the day. The reason for this is that toxins reproduce overnight and are in their heaviest during the morning. Its best you collect the middle stream of your urine to give as sample, this portion will contain the least amount of toxins for the blood test. Some are also advised to take eight 325mg aspirins 4hrs prior the test. Aspirin is known to reduce positive readings by as much as 60%. If you have smoked marijuana in the past week but are not under the influence, you should request for saliva or blood test instead of a urine test when possible, this way, you have better chances of passing the test.

Passing a Blood Test for Marijuana

But if you have recently used marijuana, you may have better chances in a urine test, because this is going to open the question as to whether or not you were in the influence of marijuana or not. In the end, the best possible way to pass these types of tests is not to use the drug being tested at all. Remaining clean will not only help you pass the test but also help you live life healthier.

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